1963             born in Saulgau, South Germany

1985 – 1987  education to goldsmith at technical school

                     in Pforzheim

1987 – 1991  working years as goldsmith in Hamburg

                     at workshop of H.Leiss

1991 – 1995  specialized study for jewellery designer

                     inSchwäbisch Gmünd

since 1995    self employed as jewellery designer

1996 – 2002  exhibitor at jewellery fair Inhorgenta at Munich

1997              purchase of jewellery by the museum

                     of Schwäbisch Gmünd

since 1998     member of BDK and BK

2004             exhibitor at  international crafts fair IHM Munich

to date           partner of jewellery gallerys and

                     participation at different jewellery exhibitions         

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